Friday, 15/03/2024, 05:34 (UTC)

Japan’s health workers’ labor unions go on a national strike for higher pay

Yesterday, on 14 March, health workers in Japan went on a nationwide strike against the lack of response from management regarding wage increases. 

The strike was organized by the Japan Federation of Medical Worker’s Unions (JFMU) with the participation of 146 affiliated member unions and took place in various hospitals and clinics across the country. 

One of which was Yoyogi Hospital in Shibuya Ward of Tokyo. Its labor union went on strike for around 1 hour in the morning as a response to its management’s failure to meet the union’s demand on the 13th for a 40,000 yen increase in base wages. 

The workers gathered in front of the hospital before moving to a nearby train station where they held placards calling for a wage increase that is on par with other industries as well as collecting signatures.

Hospitals across the country that have gone on strike all took measures to make sure that there was a minimum number of staff members on duty. Nevertheless, longer waiting times in outpatient services were reported as a result of the strike. 

Source: NHK

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