Thursday, 30/05/2024, 02:06 (UTC)

39 elementary school students sent to the hospital due to suspected heatstroke after sports day practice

On the morning of the 29th, after the first period of sports day practice held on the school grounds of Sugikubo Elementary School in Ebina City, Kanagawa Prefecture, a total of 39 students reported that they were feeling unwell. They were then transferred to the hospital on suspicion of heatstroke. 

According to the city, all cases had mild symptoms. The students were all sent home afterward. 

The highest temperature recorded in Ebina City was 26.6 degrees, reaching near summer weather. 

The principal of Sugikubo Elementary said: “Because the weather was cloudy and the heatstroke index was within normal levels, we thought that there would be no issue and conducted the activities on school grounds. We are seriously reflecting on the incident, and will prioritize the health and safety of the children in all events.”

Source: NHK