Friday, 24/05/2024, 08:30 (UTC)

4-year-old boy in Osaka suffers burns from an unidentified liquid

The incident occurred on May 19 in the parking lot of Kawachinagano City Hall. The boy was with his mother, a woman in her 20s when he was splashed with an unidentified liquid, causing second-degree burns to his right arm. The burns are expected to take approximately 2 weeks to heal. 

Police investigations revealed that the liquid contained “cyanoacrylate resin,” a component that can be found in instant adhesive. This substance, when coming into contact with fibers, triggers a chemical reaction that rapidly generates heat. The boy was wearing long sleeves at the time of the incident. 

The famous Danjiri Festival was also ongoing at the time. No witness reported seeing the liquid being splashed on the boy. 

Further investigations into the incident are being carried out. 

Source: NHK