Wednesday, 03/08/2022, 10:15 (UTC)

Southeast Asian women are angry about the embarrassing tactics of ‘Japanese male sexual harassment'

    Sexual harassment by Japanese men has become a social problem in Southeast Asia, including Thailand and Vietnam. Freelance journalist Yasushi Risako says: "Economic development in Asia has raised people's awareness of human rights, and sexual harassment, which had previously been suppressed, is now coming to light. If Japanese companies do not raise their human rights awareness, they will lose the trust and international competitiveness they have built up over the years.”

'A Japanese man repeatedly asked me obscene questions and uploaded a video of him doing so on YouTube without my permission. There are many other victims. Please help me."

In February this year, a Thai woman, Ms. A, sent the following message via Twitter.

In the video, an elderly Japanese man, Mr. B, appeared and asked Ms. A: "Do you like s.e.x?,''Do you want to come to my hotel tonight?," “Do you like the service?," and repeated several other sexual questions.

  Later, when Ms. A asked Mr. B to stop publishing the video through LINE, he deleted the video with a mild apology.

 However, some viewers were aware of the situation and said, "Interesting. I want to see more", "I envy you", etc.

A local Thai lawyer pointed out the illegality of the videos, saying that taking videos without the person's permission is an infringement of privacy. This lawyer also warned that "showing the humiliating video to an unspecified number of people without permission or distributing it on the internet is a crime of insult and is subject to criminal penalties".

Source: Yahoo ニュース

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