Friday, 31/05/2024, 07:21 (UTC)

City in Japan to begin issuing residential certificates for same-sex couples starting from July

Kanuma City in Tochigi Prefecture just announced yesterday (30 May 2024) that it will start issuing residential certifications for same-sex couples living in the city starting this July. More specifically, one of the partners will be registered as the unregistered husband and the other will be registered as the unregistered wife as per the couple’s request. 

Under the current system, one partner in a same-sex couple will be listed as a cohabitant in the residential certificate. Same-sex couples with residential certificates under the current system can apply for changes to the new system if they wish to. 

Kanuma City said it was encouraged by Omura City’s decision to register a male same-sex couple as unregistered husbands in the residential certificate, which was made earlier this month. 

This is a novel decision to recognize de-facto marriages in a country where same-sex marriage is not recognized like Japan. 

City officials shared how they hope this decision can divert more attention and initiate debate about same-sex couples, as well as increase diversity in the country. 

Source: NHK