Wednesday, 15/05/2024, 05:11 (UTC)

18-year-old examinee to be prosecuted for using smartglasses to cheat in Waseda University Entrance Exam

The Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department plans to refer an 18-year-old male examinee for prosecution on suspicion of obstruction of business during Waseda University’s entrance exam. More specifically, the examinee, who was a high school senior at the time, was suspected to have used smart glasses to photograph the question sheet and leaked it on X (former Twitter) to solicit answers. 

The situation came to light when someone who came across the content on X realized that exam questions had been leaked and thus notified the university. University staff also noticed that he was also wearing the same glass to take the exam of another department at Waseda University. The school consequently notified the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department of the incident.

Having used the answers he received online, the examinee still was not able to pass the entrance exam. 

During questioning, the examinee admitted to the allegations, saying how he was desperate and resorted to cheating because he had already failed to get into his dream national university. 

The Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department plans to refer him to prosecution on the 16th. 

Source: NHK

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