Friday, 29/03/2024, 05:02 (UTC)

Japan sees record-high number of restraining orders against stalkers in 2023

National Police Data released on Thursday showed that in 2023, Japan recorded a total of 19,834 reports and complaints against stalkers nationwide, an increase of 712 cases from the previous year. Among the victims, 87% were women and 13% were men. 

Additionally, the data also revealed that there were 1,963 restraining orders issued based on the country’s Anti-Stalking Act. Up 219 cases from the previous year (2022), this was also the highest number ever recorded. 

This marks the seventh consecutive year of increase since it became possible to issue the order without prior notice. However, how to deal with the stalker after a restraining order is issued remains to be a problem. In January of last year, a woman living in Fukuoka was murdered by her former partner after he was issued a restraining order. 

In light of the current situation, the National Police Agency is planning for the introduction of nationwide follow-up programs, such as having police call or visit those who have been issued restraining orders and urging them to take counseling if needed. 

Source: NHK

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