Friday, 07/10/2022, 06:13 (UTC)

Japan implementing a government support program that gifts "1000 yen bonus points/month" to households that save 3% on electricity usage

In the program to save electricity for the winter, the Japanese Government announced that it will give bonus points depending on the amount of electricity that users save. The specific point-giving plan is as follows: Bonus points worth 1,000 yen per month will be awarded to households that reduce their electricity usage by 3% or more compared to the same month of the previous year, and 20,000 yen per month to businesses.

The energy-saving program will be implemented from December to March next year. When electricity retailers award points to power-saving users, the Government will add a certain reward point corresponding to the point-awarding policy implemented by the Government. Users can use that reward point to shop freely.

With regards to the points awarding program, in addition to the "Monthly" type when you achieve an energy saving rate of 3% or more compared to the same month of the previous year, there will be a "Specified time" type as well.

During the specified time category, users who meet the standards set by the electricity retailer will receive points worth up to 40 yen for each kilowatt-hour of electricity saved.

In order for users to receive points, a contract with an electricity retailer that participates in the energy-saving program is required. By the end of September, more than 200 electricity retailers have registered to participate in the winter electricity-saving program.

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