Monday, 20/05/2024, 05:12 (UTC)

2 police officers seriously injured after bear attack in Japan

On the 18th, the police received reports about a man found collapsed in the mountains of a forest in the city of Kazuno, Akita prefecture. 

Two police officers arrived at the scene in response to the reports and found out that the man had passed away. They were about to transfer the dead body when a bear suddenly appeared. The police officers were left with serious head and arm injuries from the attack. 

The police will be holding a meeting this afternoon (20 May), to discuss how to retrieve the dead body. According to the police and Kazuno City officials, aside from the risk of bears in the forest, it is also very challenging to approach the area by car. Thus. there have been yet any prospects of safe retrieval of the body. 

In response to the incident, Kazuno City has closed off roads near the scene, with police patrol stationed to prevent the public from entering the area. The city government and police are urging people not to enter under any circumstances and to stay clear of the area. 

Source: NHK