Friday, 14/10/2022, 10:26 (UTC)

Health insurance cards to be abolished in autumn 2024, utilizing my number cards, Minister Kono announced

Digital Agency Minister Taro Kono announced on October 13 that he aims to abolish the current health insurance card in the fall of 2024. The My Number Card and health insurance card will integrate to promote the use of the My Number Card. 

Regarding the merits of integrating the My Number card and insurance card on the Mynaportal website, Minister Kono said, "There is no need to switch insurance cards every time you get a job, change jobs, or retire. Also, medical DX (digital transformation). When you think about it, infrastructure development will be necessary. In the future, the quality of medical care will improve, and convenience will increase." 

As of March 13, 71,268 medical institutions and pharmacies nationwide have accepted My Number cards as health insurance cards. Users can view medical treatment, drug information, medical expenses, specific health checkup information, etc., and can automatically enter medical expense notification information from Mynaportal when applying for medical expense deductions on tax returns.

Minister Kono also announced that he intends to bring forward the integration of driver's licenses and My Number cards from the original plan at the end of FY24.

 Regarding the plan to install the My Number function on smartphones, it announced that it is scheduled to be used on Android on May 11, 2023.

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