Friday, 02/02/2024, 06:21 (UTC)

Buddhist nun seeks revocation of priesthood status of 2 monks over sexual abuse

Eicho (55-year-old), a devout Buddhist nun living in the western main island of Shikoku said in a news conference on 31 January that she had filed a complaint for sexual assault to the head office of the Tendai sect of Buddhism. She claims that one had been sexually assaulting her for over 10 years, while the other stayed silent though fully aware of the situation. 

Eicho revealed that she had been abused by the chief priest multiple times over 14 years from 2009 to 2023. The chief priest, who is in his 60s, reportedly threatened her with threats such as: “You will go to hell if you dare to defy me.” 

She confided with one of her relatives, who was the priest of the highest order that introduced her to this chief priest of the temple, about the abuse. However, he did nothing to help her and ignored the whole situation.

Eicho filed a criminal complaint over sexual assault and other crimes against the chief priest in 2019 but to no avail. 

She said how the two monks, though ones who are supposed to guide people, had taken advantage of her faith in Buddha to abuse her both physically and mentally. As their sins are significant, Eicho hopes the Tendai sect will make the right decision and punish the two monks appropriately for the harm that they have caused. 

In response to an interview, the chief priest says: “I have no comment at the moment.” 

Source: NHK

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