Monday, 03/06/2024, 05:11 (UTC)

A 3-year-old boy honored for spotting illegal opium poppy in Western Japan

A 3-year-old boy in Tokushima City, Western Japan, was presented with a letter of appreciation from the Tokushima Prefectural Police for discovering a banned opium poppy in his neighborhood. 

The young boy is Kawamura Yuki. According to police information, at around 3:30 PM on Apri 13th, Yuki was on a walk with his mother when he spotted an unfamiliar plant with blooming flowers in a mix of vermillion and purple. As a huge fan of flowers who does research whenever encountering plants that he has never seen before, Yuki and his mom - Haruka, decided to search for the plant on the Internet. 

The two found out that the plant was an opium poppy called “Atsumigeshi,” a plant prohibited from cultivation in Japan. They then reported the discovery to the police, 

Yuki was presented with a letter of appreciation from the chief of the Tokushima Itana Police Station. The chief praised Yuki for allowing for the prompt removal of the banned plant, saying: “His courageous actions have helped preserve the peace of our local community.” 

Upon being praised, Yuki smiled, saying that he wanted to continue learning more about various flowers and insects in the future.

Source: Yahoo News