Monday, 18/03/2024, 05:37 (UTC)

Filipino woman admits to murdering her Japanese niece and Filipino sister

The bodies of a Japanese woman in her 20s and her Filipino mother were found in Quezon province, Philippines. Local media reported that a Filipino woman - the Japanese woman’s aunt, had confessed to murdering the two. 

More specifically, on the 14th of this month, the local police discovered two bodies buried in the backyard of the aunt’s home. The bodies were identified to be those of 26-year-old, Japanese-national Motegi Mai and her 54-year-old Filipino mother Lorry Litada. The victims had been residing in Japan but went missing ever since they traveled to the Philippines last month. 

Upon knowing that the bodies were found, the aunt attempted suicide on the 14th and was rushed to the hospital. She then confessed to having conspired with her husband and two others to stab and beat the mother and daughter to death. 

In addition, a suitcase holding bloodstained items was found on the riverbank roughly 5 kilometers away from the scene. This is believed to have belonged to the mother and daughter. 

The husband had disappeared. Further investigations are underway. 

Source: NHK

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