Wednesday, 03/04/2024, 04:59 (UTC)

Man in Kumamoto loses 110 million yen over “romance scam”

According to the police, back in early March, a man in his 60s living in Kumamoto prefecture fell victim to a “romance scam” and as a result lost roughly 110 million yen. After being told by a woman he matched with on a dating application that there was a way for him to increase his money, the man transferred cash to a designated account around 20 times in total. 

His relatives became suspicious after hearing about the incident and reported the issue to the police on the 27th of last month, and only then did the truth come to light. 

The man has since lost contact with this person. 

The police are investigating the case as a “romance scam,” which is when scammers swindle money from their victims after charming them and hinting at entering a relationship or getting married. 

The police have received similar reports of romance scams in Kumamoto similar to this case and are urging people to be careful. 

Source: NHK

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