Monday, 13/05/2024, 05:14 (UTC)

Cyclist arrested for dangerous driving near Tokyo

35-year-old cyclist Narushima Akihiko was arrested on the 9th of last month in Kashiwa City, Chiba Prefecture for purposefully driving into oncoming traffic. He had previously received a prison sentence for committing similar acts causing incidents in Saitama Prefecture in 2020. 

He is also known as “Hyokkori Man” or “Pop-up Man” for his tendency to suddenly veer his bicycle into oncoming traffic.  

The suspect was sent to the prosecutor’s office on the morning of the 10th. According to the police, the man had denied all allegations against him, stating that he did not drive in a manner that would damage the cars. 

The suspect was confirmed to have briefly driven his bicycle into oncoming traffic and nearly collided head-on with a car. 

The police also received 42 eyewitness reports of similar incidents this year in the Kawashi City area, leading to suspicions that the suspect had engaged in similar dangerous activities. 

On the 10th, police publicly displayed the bicycle used in the incident and announced that they had received 42 reports of dangerous bicycle riding instances on roads in the Kashiwa City area this year, leading to suspicions that the suspect had engaged in similar behavior.

Source: NHK

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