Wednesday, 27/03/2024, 05:17 (UTC)

Japan to allow export of fighter jets jointly developed with Britain and Italy to third countries

At the cabinet meeting on the 26th, the Japanese government approved plans allowing for the export of next-generation fighter jets, which are jointly developed with Britain and Italy, to third countries under certain conditions and regulations. The decision was made in line with the agreement between the ruling Liberal Democratic Party and its coalition partner Komeito. 

As stated in the meeting: “A system that allows for the export of fighter jets to third countries is needed for the development of aircraft that meets the performance requirements for Japan’s security environment, as well as prevent negative impacts on the nation's national defense.”

Additionally, the sales of each aircraft will have to undergo discussions held by the ruling coalition and require approval from the Cabinet. 

Exports will also be limited to next-generation fighter jets and can only be sold to countries that Japan has signed defense partnerships and equipment transfer deals. These nations must also not be involved in active conflicts. 

Source: NHK

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