Friday, 19/01/2024, 06:17 (UTC)

UNIQLO to sue SHEIN for alleged copy of its viral Round Mini Shoulder Bag

UNIQLO recently announced that it sued three companies, including SHEIN, for the sale of copycats of its viral Round Mini Shoulder Bag. The crescent-shaped bag, after going viral on various social media platforms a few years back, had been one of UNIQLO’s hottest items and even sold out several times 

The Japanese clothing chain says it filed the lawsuit against Shein operators at the Tokyo District Court on December 28 of last year. It contended that the alleged imitated products sold on the SHEIN website are very similar to UNIQLO’s in terms of shape and overall design, even if the colors are different. 

The company is also seeking compensation of approximately 160 million yen (~1 million dollars) and suspension of sales of the products in question. 

SHEIN is a China-based, online fashion retail site known for selling trendy products at low prices. A spokesperson at SHEIN responded to the issue, stating how the company respects other corporations’ intellectual property rights and takes all claims of such infringements seriously. 

Source: NHK

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