Wednesday, 22/05/2024, 05:10 (UTC)

2-year-old girl in Tokyo died after getting her neck caught in car’s power window

Yesterday, on the 21st, a 2-year-old girl passed away from getting her neck stuck in the power window of a car. The young girl was reportedly seated in a child safety seat in the rear of the car at that time. 

In response to investigations, the mother - the one driving the car at that time, said: “I initially opened all 4 windows for ventilation. After that, I think I closed 3 of them except the one next to where my child was seated.” 

“I called out her name but there was no response. That’s when I turned to check on her and noticed that her neck was caught in the power window. I couldn’t pull her out.”

The girl was later taken to the hospital where she was pronounced dead. 

Investigations also revealed that the seatbelt was not fastened despite being seated in a child safety seat. The Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department is investigating the case in further detail. 

Source: NHK