Wednesday, 01/05/2024, 05:08 (UTC)

Japanese police officer disciplined for earning 1.3 million yen from selling freshwater fish as a side job

A police officer in his 30s who works in the regional division of the Hyogo Prefectural Police Headquarters recently received a warning from the management over his side job of selling freshwater fish. 

According to the Hyogo Prefectural Police Inspector’s Office, the man had been raising freshwater fish and pig-nosed turtles as a hobby, after which he sold a total of 30 of them to individuals and dealers. The police officer would post updates on the breeding situation of the animals on social media and interact with potential customers via direct messages. He had earned 1.3 million yen from this business. The man also shared how he was thinking of reinvesting the money he made into improving the facilities' condition and breeding.”

The disciplinary action was given on 25 April. 

On 22 March, one police officer working in the Hanshin region of Japan received a warning for escorting elementary school students to and from school while on duty in a patrol car. Another police officer in the Higashi-Harima region also received disciplinary action for leaking confidential information about an investigation being carried out by the police at that time to his family. 

Source: Mainichi Shimnbun

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