Discovery of the traditional city: Gion & Higashiyama

06:36 04/02/2024

Nestled in the ancient city of Kyoto, Japan lie two of its most enchanting districts: Gion and Higashiyama.

🌸These areas are revered for preserving Japan's rich cultural heritage and traditional way of life amidst the modern world. Gion is famed for its geisha culture, while Higashiyama boasts major temples and shrines.

🌸Gion, the epitome of Kyoto's geisha culture, boasts charming machiya houses and enchanting alleyways. Explore Hanamikoji Street, where Geiko and Maiko gracefully move amidst the soft glow of lanterns. Indulge in Kyoto cuisine at traditional teahouses and upscale restaurants, all while soaking in the timeless allure of Gion's historic streets.

Source image: postudio

🌸In contrast to the lively atmosphere of Gion, Higashiyama exudes a sense of tranquility and serenity, beckoning visitors to explore its historic temples and picturesque landscapes. Higashiyama is known for its ancient shrines and temples like Kiyomizu-Dera and iconic milestones such as the Yasaka Pagoda. Visitors plore traditional shops, tea houses, and saved machiya houses, immersing themselves in Japan's artistic heritage.

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🌸Whether strolling through the lantern-lit streets of Gion or meditating in the serene temples of Higashiyama, visitors are sure to be captivated by the timeless allure of these traditional Japanese.

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