Outstanding Festivals in Japan in March

03:05 03/14/2024

March marks the transition from winter to spring in Japan, as the weather becomes gradually warmer, and cherry blossoms start to bloom, creating a vibrant and picturesque atmosphere.

Alongside this natural spectacle, there are several captivating festivals that you shouldn't miss. Let's explore some of the most enticing festivals with GoEMON:

1. Hanami Cherry Blossom Festival:

   March is the time when cherry blossoms, or sakura, begin to bloom from south to north, marking the start of the Hanami Cherry Blossom Season. During this season, there will be many Cherry Blossom festivals where people can admire the annual display of pink and white hues along the streets. Popular locations across Japan attract crowds for activities such as gathering with friends, organizing picnics, singing, or simply strolling together.

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   The Hanami Festivals are highly anticipated by tourists due to their inherent beauty and the symbolic meaning of welcoming the new year and a fresh start. Traditional activities during the festival include enjoying sake, meeting family and friends, and more.

2. Omizutori Water-Drawing Festival:

   The Omizutori Water-Drawing Festival is steeped in tradition, spanning over 1250 years. It is a time for Japanese people to cleanse their sins and welcome the positive aspects of the new year. The festival takes place over two weeks from March 1st to March 14th, with a particularly significant moment on March 12th. On this day, large torches are lit, and water is drawn from the Wakasa Well to offer to Buddha statues.

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   If you are a follower of Buddhism, participating in this festival provides a unique opportunity for reflection and spiritual connection.

3. Tsunan Snow Festival:

   One of the festivals that draws many tourists to Niigata City in March is the Tsunan Snow Festival. This region retains a considerable amount of snow during this time. Festival-goers can engage in various activities such as snow sliding and exploring illuminated displays. A highlight is the release of over 2000 sky lanterns at night, creating a breathtaking scene that many people cherish.

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   This festival is the perfect choice for families seeking outdoor excursions or individuals looking to experience exciting activities with loved ones.

4. Hina Matsuri Doll Festival:

   The Hina Matsuri Doll Festival is a traditional celebration in Japan that symbolizes the growth of young girls, wishing them peace, health, and a fulfilling life. Families with daughters celebrate by displaying beautiful dolls. Families without daughters may not participate in any special activities but join in the tradition of admiring the charming girl dolls.


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 Traditional foods consumed during this festival include sweet drinks (Amazake) and colorful rice cakes (Hina Arare).

These are just four of the festivals you should consider attending in Japan, whether you are living and working there or planning a visit.