5 Things to do in Japan this November

04:20 11/06/2023

In this article, let GoEMON guide you through 5 of the best Japanese festivals that you cannot miss this November! Let’s go!

1. Fujikawaguchiko ” Momiji” Autumn Leaves Festival

Location: 2302 Kawaguchi, Fujikawaguchiko, Minamitsuru, Yamanashi Prefecture

Time: From 09:00 to 19:00 (the light up will be from sunset until 22:00), 28 October -  23 November 2023.

Fujikawaguchiko ” Momiji” Autumn Leaves Festival is the perfect festival for those who want to see the red fall foliage. Held every year from the end of October to mid-November, the festival features numerous road stalls, breathtakingly beautiful red leaves, striking light illumination, and a great view of Mount Fuji. Thus, it attracts hundreds and thousands of visitors during this period. GoEMON recommends going early in the morning (especially if you want to get a clear view of Mount Fuji), or later at night to avoid the crowd. 

2. Saga International Balloon Fiesta

Location: 〒840-0864 Saga, Kasegawa Riverbed. 

Time: From 7:00 to 19:00, 1 to 5 November, 2023 

Featuring more than 200 hot air balloons, the Saga International Balloon Fiesta is the largest sky-sporting event in Asia. The events held at the festival is also grand and classified to be on a world-class level, which includes the hot air balloon competition, Balloon Fantasia (where hot air balloon decorated as cute animals and popular cartoon characters are launched), bike shows, trial classes where you can experience from the inflation to finishing of the hot air balloons, and various illuminations, and live music!

3. 22nd Dream Yosakoi Matsuri at Odaiba, Tokyo Tokyo


  • Odaiba Statue of Liberty venue (in front of Yurikamome Daiba Station)
  • Fuji TV venue
  • "JAPAN MOBILITY SHOW and Dream Yosacoy Matsuri" venue (In front of the life-sized Unicorn Gundam statue)
  • Marunouchi venue (Gyoko-Dori Avenue in front of Tokyo Station: between Maru Building and Shin-Maru Building / Implementation and live streaming venue only on November 5th)

Time: 4 - 5/11/2023

The 22nd Dream Yosakoi Matsuri will be held in November in Tokyo, Japan, with the participation of more than 5000 dancers from both Japan and all over the world. The festival was first held back in 2002 in Tokyo and was an instant hit, attracting over 1 million viewers every year. 


4. See the Shikizakura cherry blossoms in Aichi

Location: Senmicho, Toyota, Aichi 470-0506

Time: The cherry blossoms have already started to bloom, so make sure to go as soon as possible 

This is the place to go to for those who missed the opportunity to go hanami during spring. The Senimicho area in Toyota-shi, Aichi Prefecture is home to an impressive number of roughly 10,000 Shikizakura cherry-blossom trees. During November, the Shikizakura trees will be in full bloom, creating a breathtakingly beautiful scenery. Additionally, if you come here at the right time, you will also be able to see both the cherry blossoms in full bloom and the red fall foliage at the same time.  

5. See the red fall foliage at Showa Kinen Park, Tokyo

Location: 〒190-0014 Tokyo, Tachikawa-shi, Midori-cho, 3173

Time: 3 - 26/11/2023

Showa Kinen Park is a national park located in Tokyo’s Tachikawa and Akishima cities. Only 30 minutes away by train from the center of Tokyo, Showa Kinen Park is the perfect location to see the red fall foliage as there are an abundant number of trees, plants, and flowers planted throughout the park. Aside from the bright red Momiji, the park is also famous for its iconic path colored yellow by the Ginkgo trees.  

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