Where to see Yaezakura - Late-blooming Cherry Trees in Japan

07:43 04/22/2024

Sakura - or cherry blossoms in English, might just be Japan’s most well-known and loved flower. Thus, everyone living in the country, as well as those living abroad seemingly is always waiting for spring to come to finally be able to admire the magnificent beauty of cherry blossoms.

However, as the saying “Beautiful things never last” goes, Sakura is also no exception. These flowers are only in bloom for roughly 2 weeks or even shorter depending on the weather conditions. Thus, some might find it hard to make time to go to Hanami within such a short period of time. 

If you have the same concern, or just simply want to enjoy cherry blossoms for a bit longer, then this article is what you need! Here, GoEMON will introduce you to Yaezakura - late-blooming cherry trees, which you can check out even a few weeks after the regular Sakura has fallen!

I. What are Yaezakura Cherry Blossoms?

There are different types of cherry blossoms in Japan, each with slightly different characteristics in terms of appearance and blooming time. When it comes to Hanami and Sakura, people are more familiar with the Somei Yoshino Sakura which generally blooms from around late March to around mid-April. 

Here, we would like to talk about another type of cherry blossom which is “Yaezakura.” Yaezakura is a cherry blossom breed with more than 5 petals forming large clusters. What’s special is that they generally bloom around 1-2 weeks later than the usual Somei Yoshino Sakura, so you can go hanami even until late April - early May.  

II. Best Yaezakura Viewing Spots in Japan

Below is Gooemon’s recommendation on some of the best Yaezakura VIewing Spots that you can check out this Spring in Japan: 

1. (Iwate) Hanamaki Onsen 

One of the best and most well-known Yeazakura viewing spots in Iwate Prefecture is Hanamaki Onsen where more than 1000 cherry blossom trees of various types are planted, including the late bloomers Yaezakura. You can enjoy cherry blossoms anywhere, anytime in the onsen, such as while taking a dip in the amazing natural hot springs or with the view from outside of your accommodation here. 

Best time to visit: Late April to early May 

Address: 〒025-0304, Iwate Prefecture, Hanamaki City, Yumoto 1-125.

2. (Ibaraki) Shizumine Furusato Park 

Shizumine Furusato Park is another amazing cherry blossom viewing spot that you cannot miss out on when coming to Japan. The spot is home to over 2000 Yaezakura trees, which bloom magnificently, covering the entire large area in the prettiest shade of pink during peak season. This makes it one of the best locations for Hanami during late spring in Japan. 

Best time to visit: Mid to late April

Address: 〒319-2106, Ibaraki Prefecture, Naka City, Shizu 1720-1.

3. (Niigata) Yahiko Park 

With over 1000 trees of both Yoshino Cherry Blossoms and Yaezakura, Yahiko Park is another famous location for those who want to see cherry blossoms during late spring. The Yoshino Cherry Blossom trees are gathered around the entrance of the park, whereas the late blooming Yaezakura are planted near the Yahiko Shrine area. 

Best time to visit: Mid to late April

Address: 〒959-0323, Niigata Prefecture, Nishi Kanbara District, Yahiko.

4. (Ehime) Gion Park

Every year during peak season, Gion Park is dyed in a shade of vibrant pink thanks to the 700 Yaezakura Cherry Blossom trees grown here. Festivals are also held annually from early to late April to celebrate the blooming of the cherry blossoms.

Best time to visit: Mid-April to early May

Address: 〒795-0041, Ehime Prefecture, Ozu City, Hatakicho.

5. (Oita) Isshinji Temple 

Isshinji Temple is well-known as one of the best Yaezakura viewing spots in Oita prefecture. Located amongst the mountains, the temple is also known as the Shangri-la of Sakura. The trees are planted close next to one another, coloring the entire wide area in different shades of magnificent pink. The wind blows, carrying the flower along with it, creating an interesting phenomenon that the people here refer to as “cherry blossom storm.” The petals then fall to the ground, covering the entire surface that looks just like a massive cherry blossom carpet.  

Best time to visit: Early April to early May

Address: 870-1201, Oita Prefecture, Oita City, Mewarisuno 1305.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to go Yaezakura Hanami for the last time this year, or else you will have to wait another whole year!

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