6 locations to snatch the cheapest clothing deals in Japan

04:31 01/26/2024

As a country with high living standards, costs in Japan are generally on the more expensive side. Clothing, of course, is also no exception, and winter clothing is even all the more pricey here.

However, did you know that there are many places where you can buy clothes of good quality at extremely cheap prices? In this article, GoEMON will guide you through some of our recommended locations to get the best clothing deals this winter. Let’s go! 

1. Uniqlo 

When it comes to Japanese clothing brands, the name that will pop up in the minds of many is Uniqlo. Uniqlo is a Japanese staple, famous for its wide variety of clothing items, from jackets, coats, shirts, pants, socks, and belts, to fashion accessories, bags, shoes, and so on. Everything is available at affordable price ranges and is all in really good quality. 

During winter, Uniqlo is most famous for its Heattech products, which use a special type of thermal fabric to keep you warm and cozy against the harsh weather. Uniqlo also has several major sales throughout the year, so make sure to keep an eye on the official website to not miss anything! 

2. GU

This is another common name for those living in Japan. GU is a Japanese discount casual wear retailer, manufacturer, and designer, owned by the same parent company of Uniqlo. Thus, there are many similarities in the products sold by the two brands. However, GU’s products are more “hip” and “trendy”, hence its similarity among Japanese teens and the younger generation. Clothing here is also generally cheaper than those sold at Uniqlo. 


Japan is also famous for being a “thrifting heaven,” so thrifting for clothes is also not a bad option. When it comes to buying secondhand goods in Japan, you definitely cannot miss out on the OFF brands, which are a large group of chain stores available all across Japan. The items available vary depending on the type of store. For those looking for clothing items and fashion accessories, BOOKOFF SUPER BAZAAR is the way to go. 

As the clothes here are all secondhand items, their prices are generally much lower than the market price. Though secondhand, the clothes are usually of really good quality, some even brand new. Those who are lucky can even find great deals on luxury items as well!


4. Second Street

Similar to the OFF brands, Second Street is another large group of chain stores available all across Japan. Similarly to BOOKOFF SUPER BAZAAR, you can find all sorts of clothing items that are of good quality and available at great prices here! 

5. Flea market 

Another great location to find cheap clothing deals is flea markets. This might be where you can snatch the best bargains and will give you the best value for money. You can even get a discount if you are lucky! Most flea markets are held at public places such as shrines, temples, and parks, and are usually either weekly or monthly. 

6. Online marketplace

What if you want to get cheap clothes but are not a fan of physical shopping? In that case, online shopping is the way to go!  You can easily buy, as well as sell your items by posting on these platforms. Payments will be made online, and you can have the seller send you the item by using a delivery service. 

Some of the biggest online marketplace platforms in Japan include Mercari (メルカリ) and Yahoo Auction (Yahoo!オークション). One downside is the possible language barrier issues, as these platforms are only available in Japanese and the majority of sellers are Japanese. 

Above was GoEMON’s recommendation on 6 locations where you can find the cheapest deals for clothing in Japan. We hope that the article was of use to you! 

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