Friday, 25/08/2023, 06:15 (UTC)

25-year-old Suspect Arrested on suspicion of Aiding Fraud by Selling “Love Manuals”

A 25-year-old woman was arrested on suspicion of aiding fraud for selling “Love Manuals” to female university students and others to defraud men of their money and favors. The suspect is believed to have sold at least dozens of manuals on SNS. She also refers to herself as an “Itadaki-Joshi,” which can be roughly translated to girls who trick men of their money.

The arrested suspect is 25-year-old Mai Watanabe, a self-proclaimed clerk with no fixed address. 

According to the police, from last year to this year, Watanabe had sold the “Love Manual” she created to a female university student in Nagoya. She also assisted the student in defrauding two men in Aichi prefecture out of a total of more than 10 million yen by providing advice over the phone. 

Upon investigation, the suspect has admitted to the charges. 

According to the investigation so far, the suspect has been selling dozens of these “Love Manuals” to buyers via social media, which include information such as “specific settings when you should approach men,” “easy targets are those who have no hobbies and those who are lonely,” and other tricks. 

The police are further investigating the case to see if there are other victims.  

Source: NHK

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