Friday, 06/10/2023, 07:40 (UTC)

Tokyo High Court Ruling: Exclusion of the Adult Industry from Government Corona Subsidies is not a Violation of the Constitution

An adult entertainment business operator in Kansai had filed a case seeking compensation, claiming that the government’s exclusion of sex industries from the “Sustainable Benefits” and “Rent Support Benefits” subsidiaries to businesses affected by the Coronavirus pandemic is a form of occupational violation and thus a violation of the constitutional guarantee of equality under the law.

In the second trial held on the 5th of this month, Judge Matsumoto Toshiyuki of the Tokyo High Court said: “The characteristics of the sex industry go against the moral consciousness of the majority of the public, which acts as a rational basis for them to be treated differently.” 

He added: “Although people’s values of sex and gender have become more diversified, it is still well-acknowledged that it would be inappropriate to publicly acknowledge sex-related businesses.” The court upheld the lower court ruling that the exclusion was not unconstitutional and dismissed the business’ lawsuit. 

The Kansai adult entertainment business operator who filed the lawsuit also stated: “The court had completely neglected the suffering and hardships that we had to face during the pandemic, ignored those who were struggling to survive, and gave into the discriminatory mindset infesting our world.”  

Source: NHK

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