Friday, 10/11/2023, 06:48 (UTC)

Fukuoka: 6-Year-Old Boy Injured by Monkey Bite, Total of 11 victims since September

This morning (10 November), at around 7:40 AM, a mother reported to the fire department in Katanawanishi, Nakagawa City, Fukuoka, that her son had been injured from a monkey attack.  

According to the police, the 6-year-old boy and his mother were at the front door of their house to see his older brother - an elementary school student, off to school, when the boy was suddenly attacked by the monkey. He was bitten in three places, including his head and back. 

The boy suffered minor injuries, and the mother and older brother were luckily not injured. 

Nakagawa City has been experiencing a series of reported incidents regarding monkey bites and other related injuries. According to the city, a total of 11 people, including the boy in this case, were injured by them. 

The city has received 53 reports of monkey sightings in the city since the end of September and is warning its citizens not to approach or make eye contact if they happen to encounter one.

Source: NHK

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