Wednesday, 09/08/2023, 07:43 (UTC)

18,110 people hospitalized and 18 died due to heat stroke in Japan

According to the Fire and Disaster Management Agency of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, in the span of one week from the 31st of last month to the 6th of this month, 18,110 people nationwide have been hospitalized for emergency medical treatment for heat stroke. The number of people hospitalized has exceeded 10,000 for two consecutive weeks.

This is a decrease of 955 people from the previous week when the highest number of people hospitalized was recorded this year. However, the number is still approximately 1.4 times higher than that of the same period last year. 

Eighteen people died and 260 were seriously ill to the point of having to be hospitalized for three weeks or more. 

In terms of age group, elderly people aged 65 and up accounted for nearly 60%. 

The Fire and Disaster Management Agency is urging people to keep their room temperatures at appropriate levels and frequent hydration. 

Source: Yahoo News

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