Wednesday, 13/09/2023, 06:03 (UTC)

2-year-old child died after being left in the car for 9,5 hours by grandmother in Okayama

A 53-year-old grandmother in Tsuyama City, Okayama Prefecture, was arrested on suspicion of negligent homicide for leaving her 2-year-old grandson in the car parked at her workplace for roughly 9.5 hours, causing the child to pass away. According to the police, the grandmother had forgotten to take her grandchild to the daycare facility and did not realize it until after her work had ended. 

Investigations showed that Haruto - the grandchild, had been sitting in the child seat placed behind the driver’s seat from around 8:15 AM until 5:40 PM. The cause of death may have been due to heat stroke. 

Upon investigation, the grandmother replied, saying: “I have been in charge of taking Haruto to daycare and picking him up starting this month, but had totally forgotten and did not realize it until I came back to the car after my work ended.” 

The police are carrying out further investigations 

According to the Okayama District Meteorological Observatory, the maximum daytime temperature in Tsuyama City on January 9 was 31.7 degrees Celcius. 

Source: NHK

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