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High-tech washlet to rank first in list of top 5 Japanese things that foreigners are most impressed with

On top of the list is Japan’s “High-tech Washlets”

A voter shared: “At first, I thought Japanese washlets were something excessive and pointless. That is until I had the chance to try and realize how comfortable and convenient they are.” 

The fact that users can adjust the water and the toilet seat’s temperature is also another contributing factor to the high ranking. People from colder countries such as Russia and Eastern Europe shared how they were pleasantly surprised to first experience the warm toilet seat during the winter. 

Additionally, many were impressed by the system that allows people to wash their hands using the water from the toilet’s water tank itself. Here, the water comes out from a tap from the top of the water tank that you can use to wash your hands. The used water then accumulates in the tank below and will be used the next time you flush the toilet, allowing for efficient water use. 

In second place is “Hanami” (Cherry Blossom Viewing)

“Hanami” or Cherry Blossom Viewing is a crucial part of Japanese traditional culture. Many foreigners enjoy the act of enjoying good food together with family and friends under the cherry blossoms in full bloom. 

Next comes “100-yen Stores”

These shops are super popular among foreigners in Japan. Such dollar stores, of course, are not only limited to Japan. However, the quality and variety of goods available in Japan’s dollar stores are without a doubt one of the best in the world. It is not an exaggeration to say that the Japanese 100-yen store plays a crucial role in the expansion of cheap dollar stores all around the world. 

Fourth place goes to “Fireworks”

Japan has some of the world’s highest standards in terms of both normal and handheld fireworks. The size, complexity, colorfulness, and flamboyance of Japanese fireworks are simply top-notch.

And finally, in fifth place is “Food Samples”

Foreigners coming to Japan are surprised by these ultra-realistic food samples as it is not common in other countries to display such samples on their restaurant storefronts. 

Source: Yahooニュース

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