Monday, 13/11/2023, 06:45 (UTC)

Fukuoka City to Appeal Court’s Order to Compensate ¥2.8 Million to a Man Who Fractured His Bones Due to Slipping while Running on the Sidewalk

A man in Fukuoka Prefecture filed a lawsuit seeking damages of about 16.5 million yen after fracturing his bones due to slipping on moss on the sidewalk during his run, in which the Fukuoka Local Court had ordered the City to compensate him a total of 2.8 million yen due to its negligence in safety management. Disagreeing with the Local Court’s decision, the city filed an appeal to the Fukuoka Supreme Court. 

In 2020, while running down a steep street in the city, a man slipped on some moss and fell, breaking his ribs. With regard to the case, the Court ruled that although the city could have taken measures to prevent the accident from occurring, this was also something that the man could have avoided had he been more careful, and thus he was 40% at fault.

Source: Yahoo News

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