Wednesday, 01/11/2023, 07:23 (UTC)

51-year-old man arrested on suspicion of photo voyeurism of naked toddlers in nursery school

In August, a man was arrested on suspicion of using his smartphone to sneak photograph two young girls while they were taking a shower in Higashi Ward, Kumamoto City. Upon investigation, the man admitted to the charges, saying that he took the pictures because he got excited upon seeing the naked girls. 

At the time, around 30 children aged from 3 to 5 were showering in the schoolyard when a staff member at the nursery school spotted Eto who had been secretly filming from the streets. Eto immediately fled from the scene after said staff member tried to talk to him. A report was then made to the police. 

The police are continuing to investigate the suspect for possibilities of additional charges. 

Source: Yahoo News

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