Friday, 01/09/2023, 06:13 (UTC)

Woman to Suffer from Skull Fracture from Being Hit by a Bicycle while Walking on the Sidewalk

A woman was hit from behind while walking on the sidewalk on the Tokachi Ohashi Bridge. 

On the afternoon of August 31, a bicycle hit a woman who was walking on the Tokachi Ohashi Bridge connecting Obihiro City and Otofuke Town in Hokkaido, causing her to suffer serious injuries and fracturing her skull. 

The woman still had her consciousness and was able to speak, but her head was seriously injured. 

According to the police, the person riding the bicycle was a high school boy who was on his way home after school. He was also the one who reported the incident.

The incident had resulted in a fractured skull for the woman. In response to the police investigation, the boy replied, saying that he hadn’t been looking in front carefully while riding the bicycle. 

Further investigations on the situation at the time of the accident are being carried out and the police are also continuing to confirm the woman’s identity. 

Source: Yahoo News

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